Basic Pistol & Bit - Instructor Class

Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is an NRA requirement prior to certification as an Instructor.


This 2 day class covers both the Basic Instructor Training and the NRA Pistol discipline.

If you are already an NRA Instructor and do not require the Basic Instructor Training, discipline fee is $155.00.

*note*: if it has been 2 years since you attended a BIT class, you are required to attend the BIT course as a refresher.

NRA Basic Pistol student class or equivalent (i.e. 4H, USPSA....) is required prior to attending this course.
Bring your NRA Credentials Card or certificate with you to class.

Being an NRA member will accelerate the credentialing process upon successful completion of the course. Go to our HOME page and click the hot-link if you are not a member.

Class Fees:


....... $225.00

A $75.00 Deposit is required for all Instructor Courses to reserve a seat.

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