Basic Handgun

This introductory course is 4 hours.

New firearm owners are encouraged to take the “first step” of obtaining training and this program is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper operation of Your New Handgun.

Since this orientation is model-specific and teaches only the most basic shooting skills, it is not a complete “course” in the traditional sense of the word, however, it does provide an introduction to:

– Firearm Safety
– Safe handling procedures
– Sight picture
– Sight alignment

Handguns and ammunition are provided for this course of training but if you have your own firearm and ammunition, you are welcome to bring them to class.

This is an excellent course to attend prior to attending a Texas LTC course.

Class size limited to 12 students

Class Fees:

Basic Handgun: $55.00

Couples Rate: $110.00

A $25.00 Deposit is required for all classes to reserve a seat.

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